Family Correspondence

Scope and Content

W.H. Frere came into the possession of the correspondence of his aunt Ellen, the wife of the Hon Stephen Spring-Rice, son of Lord Monteagle, among which was a large corpus of family correspondence listed briefly below. The main correspondents were Ellen's sisters Augusta and Isobel Frere, her mother Mary Frere, and Emily, W.H. Frere's mother. Other members of the family and some friends are represented in the correspondence which is primarily of a personal nature but which also contains interesting references to mid-19th century Cambridge where Philip Howard Frere, Walter's father, was bursar of Downing College.
The correspondence, covering the years 1809-1869, was sorted by MI. Frere at some stage and the letters grouped in envelopes, Although they occasionally overlap each other, these groupings have been preserved until a full catalogue of the correspondence is made.

Additional Information