Scope and Content

Letters and postcards sent to Sixsmith during 1904. Topics covered include: Sixsmith's search for a property to purchase; various incidents relating to one "Cole", with whom Carpenter is in dispute over a legacy of some kind, and who at one point entered Carpenter's property, ultimately being removed by the police and later repenting for his behaviour; an illness of Sixsmith's mother; Carpenter's sister, Alice; plans for a holiday in France involving Carpenter, Sixsmith, George Hukin and George Merrill; a volume of selected poems from [Whitman's] L[eaves] of G[rass] sent to Carpenter by Sixsmith; a planned trip to Snowdon with Sixsmith and Henry Salt; George Hukin's ill health; Philip D[almas, American musician and Whitmanite]; the opening meeting of the Clarion Guild at Manchester; the death of G[eorge] M[errill]'s brother, Walter; Julia D.; Litolff's edition of the B[eethove]n Symphonies; his book [probably The Art of Creation] which will initially "seem new and puzzling to people", but which he thinks will wear well.

Letters are addressed to Sixsmith at Bentinck House, Moses Gate, Farnworth, Lancs, and dated at Millthorpe, except: 1/7/1, addressed to Sunny Bank, Babylon Lane, Adlington, and 1/7/10, addressed to Sixsmith c/o Robert Hodkinson, 57 Mersey Street, Longridge [Lancs].

1/7/1-9, 13, 15 and 16 include envelopes.