Scope and Content

Letters and postcards sent to Sixsmith by Carpenter and George Merrill during 1909. Topics covered include: an eruption of Mount Etna and Carpenter's anxiety about his brother and sister-in-law, who are apparently on holiday nearby at Taormina; plans to attend The Knight of the Burning Pestle, [at the Gaiety Theatre, Manchester]; a talk on 'The Locomotive and its History' given to his club by Carpenter; plans for a trip to Italy; the controversy over a certain pamphlet, its effect on Carpenter and Merrill and its aftermath and legal proceedings [M.D. O'Brien of Dronfield, near Millthorpe, produced in 1909 a pamphlet entitled Socialism and Infamy. The Homogenic or Comrade Love Exposed, an open letter in plain words for a Socialist Prophet, to Edward Carpenter, M.A. in which he expressed his vicious anti-socialist feelings and suspicions of Carpenter's advocation of 'comradeship', with its implications of homosexuality, particularly as outlined in Carpenter's pamphlet Homogenic Love which in 1908 was incorporated into the volume, The Intermediate Sex]; a meeting about the milk trade attended by Carpenter; George Hukin; a recent suicide; the Salts [Henry and Kate]; Murray Gilchrist, who Carpenter claims is "consistently plotting against G[eorge] M[errill]"; a planned trip to Liverpool; Percy Heath of Worthing, a friend of Carpenter who is running a Nursery in defiance of his father and apparently in need of financial aid; a trip to New Brighton; a bad review of [Carpenter's] The Intermediate Sex in the British Medical Journal; a Women's Suff[rage] meeting at Nottingham; and [Carpenter's play,] The Promised Land.

1/10/4 includes a card from George [Merrill] referring to an apparent visit from O'Brien, and to their forthcoming trip [to Italy].

1/10/6 is a postcard from AC [probably Carpenter's brother Alfred] and E[dward] C[arpenter] sent from a holiday in Italy, where the Sixsmiths have recently been with them.

1/10/14 includes the first reference to Godfrey Sixsmith, the Sixsmiths' eldest child.

Letters are addressed to Sixsmith at Brownlow, Anderton, Lancs, and dated at Millthorpe, except 1/10/6, dated at the Hôtel Concordia, Milan [Italy].

1/10/3-5 and 7-13 include envelopes.