Scope and Content

Letters and postcards sent to the Sixsmiths during 1913. Topics covered include: some notes about "V.G." sent to Carpenter by Sixsmith, and Carpenter's decision not to tell George about Sixsmith's role in the matter to which they refer; Victor's marriage, which may have been a disillusionment for Merrill; arrangements for a holiday in Corsica; a lecture on Carpenter given by Sixsmith; a portrait of Carpenter by Lena Connell; the birth of the Sixsmiths' second child, Janet; [Ben] Iden Payne; Biagio [di Paolo]; the "W.W. Anomaly"; a book by Cheyne; [American writer and Whitman enthusiast,] J.W. Lloyd; Dr [John] Johnston, J.W. Wallace and the Bolton Whitman group; Mlle [Marcelle] Senard who is translating Towards Democracy; the death of "that young Williams"; The Gardener [by Rabindranath] Tagore; [Glasgow Socialist] Robert Muirhead; [writer and feminist] Olive Schreiner; [Ponnambalam] Arunáchalam [a Ceylonese friend of Carpenter].

1/14/7 is a postcard to Lucy Sixsmith from Carpenter, who sends his love to the new baby.

1/14/12 is a postcard to Sixsmith from George [Merrill] referring to: his forthcoming visit to London; a boy in Paris who was "hounded down by rotten John bull" [the "Williams" referred to above]; and [Ben] Iden Payne. This card is stored with: an empty envelope addressed in Carpenter's hand and postmarked Kensington; and an I.L.P. flyer advertising a London lecture by Carpenter, 'Beauty in Everyday Life', with a note by Carpenter on the reverse, referring to another forthcoming lecture on 'Rest'.

Letters are addressed to Sixsmith at Brownlow, Anderton, Lancs, and dated at Millthorpe, except 1/14/12 which is addressed to Sixsmith at Horrex's Hotel, the Strand, London and postmarked Kensington.

1/14/3 is dated 9 March although the envelope with which it is stored bears a postmark of 7 March.

1/14/1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10-13 include envelopes.