Scope and Content

Letters, postcards and notes sent to Charles and Lucy Sixsmith by Carpenter which either bear no year of writing or include no date at all and on which the postmark is illegible. 1171/1/21/9 and 10 are written from Guildford, so must post-date Carpenter's move to the town in summer 1922. All the other letters which include information on place of writing were sent from Millthorpe.

Topics covered include: a request from Carpenter that Sixsmith refrain from writing about a certain episode [presumably in a memoir of some kind]; M[anchester] G[uardian] articles on the East by 'Don' (Lowes Dickinson); Carpenter's article on Empire in India ['Empire in India and Elsewhere']; Joseph Kirkpatrick from New Zealand; the Salts; Sixsmith's family; Mabel W.; Will Young; a Thoreau meeting and a forthcoming speech at the Brotherhood Church.

1/21/6 is a postcard to Sixsmith from George [Merrill], who is staying with George [Hukin] and refers to a forthcoming visit from Sixsmith.

1/21/11-14 were originally stored together in an envelope marked "undated (4 items)" which was itself dated 3 March 1955. In fact internal references make it possible to date 1/21/13 to 1917; the other items may therefore date from the same period but these contain no dating evidence; the entire bundle has therefore been left with the undated material.

1/21/16 is a scrap of paper with a greeting from Carpenter to "yourself and Will Young", possibly sent to accompany a gift.

1/21/2 and 8 include envelopes.