Scope and Content

Letters and postcards sent to Sixsmith during 1905-7. Topics covered include: Carpenter's ideas on the teaching of Plato, and recommendations of Plato's works for Sixsmith to read; Carpenter's own adaptation of Plato's ideas in The Art of Creation; an invitation to Sixsmith to join Carpenter's brother Alfred, his wife, and Mabel Woodward on a Swiss holiday in 1907; a planned visit by Carpenter to the Midland Hotel Theatre [Manchester] in September 1907; and Karl Walter.

1/8/1 includes a printed syllabus for the Sheffield Ethical Society, 8 Jan-18 Apr 1905, which includes a talk by Carpenter on 'Small Holdings and Life on the Land'.

Letters are addressed to Sixsmith at Bentinck House, Farnworth, Lancs, and dated at Millthorpe, except 1/8/3 which was addressed to Bentinck Mills and forwarded to Deanwood, Rivington [Lancs].

1/8/1, 2 and 4 include envelopes.