Scope and Content

Letters and postcards sent to the Sixsmiths during 1915. Topics covered include: Carpenter's attacks on commercialism in the E.R.; [Ben] Iden Payne; the Design and Industries Association [of which Sixsmith was one of the founders]; Carpenter's speech to a Peace Conference in London on 8 July; Carpenter's anxiety over Sixsmith's health and his lack of contact; Dr [John] Johnston; Carpenter's decision not to lecture in Sixsmith's area; Sixsmith's family; [leader and theorist of the Anarchist movement, Peter] Kropotkin; the success of Carpenter's October lectures; a letter of J.F. Mills with a Russian translation; the publication of a book in Petrograd; the Morses; Lilly B; Carpenter's niece, Margaret Hyett.

Enclosed with 1/16/2 is a flyer advertising the latest publications of Watts and Co., including A Christian With Two Wives by Dennis Hird, with a Foreword by Carpenter.

Enclosed with 1/16/5 is a flyer issued by the Theosophical Society advertising a lecture by Carpenter on 'War and Peace and their Meaning in Human Evolution', on 19 Oct in London.

1/16/3 is addressed to Lucy Sixsmith, thanking her for some plants, and referring to a common aquaintance (Muriel), his plans to speak at Bolton in the autumn, and a visit from some soldiers.

1/16/4 is addressed to Lucy Sixsmith but contains: a letter to C.F. Sixsmith dated 9 September, referring to Sixsmith's dealings with an Education Committee, Philip Gibbs' The Soul of the War, and a visit to Carpenter's sisters; a note to Sixsmith dated 30 September, referring to Keir Hardie; and 3 copies of a printed publisher's advertisement for Carpenter's The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of their Strife.

1/16/9 includes 3 enclosures, all advertising Carpenter's lecture on 'War and Peace and their Meaning in Human Evolution' to be given at different locations in London during October.

Letters are addressed to Sixsmith at Brownlow, Anderton, Lancs, and dated at Millthorpe, except 1/16/1, dated at 8 St Albans Road, London, and 1/16/9, dated at Folkestone [Kent].

1/16/2-5, 8 and 9 include envelopes.