Scope and Content

Letters and postcards sent to Sixsmith during 1926-7. Topics covered include: Biagio [di Paolo], who was staying in England during 1926, feeling unable to remain [in Italy] while Mussolini was in power, and for whom Carpenter was arranging places to stay; Biagio's apparent disappearance after leaving Carpenter's house in Guildford, and Carpenter's dissatisfaction with his behaviour during the latter part of his stay; some German verses which Carpenter feels unable to translate due to the sadness of the poetry, and regarding which he will write to L.B. in Budapest.

Most of 1/20/2 was written for Carpenter by Ted Inigan [close friend and housemate during Carpenter's last years], with a note by Carpenter at the end, and 1/20/4 includes a note from George [Merrill].

Letters are addressed to Sixsmith at Anderton, Lancs, and dated at Guildford [Surrey].

All the letters include envelopes.