European History

  • Reference
      GB 133 EAF/3/2/1

Scope and Content

Early chapters of an unpublished work, intended as a comprehensive history of Europe, but not progressing beyond the ancient world. Chapter I, Introduction, 35pp.; Chapter IV, Early Italy and Sicily, 209pp.; Chapter VI, The barbarian advance, 110pp.; Chapter VII, Athens, Sparta and Syracuse, 136pp. Chapters, etc. of ancient history which may have been part of this project: (a) [The Great Peloponnesian War], c. 426 BC, 33pp.; (b) [Hieron II and Rome], c. 263 BC, 35pp.; (c) [Macedonia and Rome], c. 200 BC, 68pp.; (d) [Macedonia and Rome], c. 180 BC, 315pp.; (e) [Rhodes], c. 170-165 BC, 155pp.; [Rome and Greece after 146 BC], 50pp.; (g) [Unidentified], 2pp.