Sir Maurice Fitzgerald, 20th Knight of Kerry: Correspondence

Scope and Content

Correspondence of Captain Sir Maurice Fitzgerald, equerry to Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, when in attendance on the Duke, December 1870 - September 1880, as follows:

  • Numbers 1-45, letters from Maurice to his mother Julia and his father, Sir Peter George Fitzgerald, 19th Knight of Kerry (42 items); his sisters Emily (1) and Mary, Lady Molyneux (1); and his tenants (1), the last written on his father's death (December 1870-September 1880);
  • Number 46, a letter to Maurice Fitzgerald from R.B. Lane (April 1878);
  • Numbers 47-48, two letters from Prince Arthur to Sir Peter Fitzgerald (March 1878);
  • Numbers 49-50, letters from Lt.-Col. A.F. [Arthur Frederick] Pickard VC to Sir Peter Fitzgerald (June and September 1879). Included is a Spy cartoon of Sir Maurice. See also English MS 1189  above.