Notes on Anatomy: Observations on the Skeleton

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      GB 133 MMM/23/1/22
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      1 volume, 31 folios

Scope and Content

This short manuscript offers a detailed analysis and description of the bones of the body working down from the head, and then covering the trunk and the extremities, and includes a number of intricate pencil drawings of bones.

The illustrations are as follows: 2 figures of a connected view of the bones of the head and face, f.3r; 1 figure of the outer and under surface of the cranium [skull], f.5r; 2 figures each of the os frontis [frontal bone], os occipitus [occipital bone], and os perietalis [parietal bone], f.7r; 6 figures of the maxillary [maxilla] and nasal bones, f.9r; 4 figures of the internal surface of the temporal bones, external surface of the temporal bone, back view of the sphenoid bone, and surface of the sphenoid which is connected with the face, f.11r; 3 figures of the mandible and base of the skull, f.13r; view of the whole bones of the trunk, f.15r; 10 figures of the vertebrae, ribs, and sternum, f.17r; view of the pelvis, f.19r; 4 figures of the coccyx and sacrum, f.21r; 3 figures of the clavicle, anterior surface of the scapula, and posterior surface of the scapula, f.23r; 4 figures of the radius, ulna, and carpal bones of the hand, f.25r; 5 figures of the femur, tibia, fibula, and patella, f.28r; 3 figures showing a view of the foot in profile which explains the head of the astragalus [talus], f.30r.

Printed on the front cover is 'Notes on Anatomy' and on the rear 'No.3 The Bones', suggesting the volume may once have been part of a larger series. A note on f.31v reads 'presented to Israel JE Renshaw by his brother HS Renshaw by whom it was composed and the figures were drawn, 1856'. Additional notes have also been made on f.14v, f.21v, & f.30v which make references to a further two individuals, namely A Renshaw and JW Renshaw.

Administrative / Biographical History

Herbert Smith Renshaw qualified LSA in 1856 and was in private practice in Sale, Cheshire where many of his relatives, also in the medical profession, practised. He had two children, Graham Renshaw (b. c.1873) who also became a doctor, and Bertha Renshaw. He was joined in his practice by his son in 1914 and retired in 1916.

He is known to have published 'Multiple Insular Necrosis of Skin and Subjacent Tissues', British Medical Journal, 1894, 1(1745) pp.1238-1240 and Notes on Food and Diet, 1867.