Notes on Anatomy and Surgery

  • Reference
      GB 133 MMM/23/1/27
  • Dates of Creation
      n.d. [18--]
  • Name of Creator
  • Language of Material
  • Physical Description
      1 volume, 189 folios

Scope and Content

Notes on anatomy and surgery of unknown origin. There is no extant information as to who the creator of the manuscript was or what the source of the notes are, whether it be from public lectures, published material, or another source. A label in the inside back cover indicates that it was at some point sold by 'Jackson, No. 8 King Street, Borough'. There are also three loose leaves on which are listed formulae used in the London Ophthalmic Infirmary that have been inserted into the manuscript. Both the inserted leaves and booksellers label suggest the manuscript's origins lie in London. In addition there is an envelope dated September 1962 addressed to Dr J. Robinson, Bowdon, Cheshire inserted in the front of the manuscript.

The notes are varied and cover the following subjects:

  • Neurology, ff.2-39. Identification and description of the cerebral nerves, of the medulla spinalis, of the spinal nerves, the cervical nerves, the dorsal nerves, the lumbar nerves, the sacral nerves, and ganglia.
  • Method of securing the principal arterial trunks, ff.40-52. Rules to be attended to, the common carotid, subclavian, brachial, radial, ulnar, external iliac, femoral, anterior tibial, posterior tibial, internal iliac, arteria innominate [brachiocephalic trunk], abdominal aorta, intercostal arteries.
  • On amputation, ff.53-59. Common rules, at the shoulder joint, of the upper arm, carpal bones, femoris from the acetabulum, of the thigh, the leg below the knee, the tarsal bones, metatarsal bones.
  • Cataract, ff.60v-68. Operation by solution, on vision, coats of the eye, inversion, different kinds of cataract and necessary operations for each.
  • On dislocations in general, ff.69-96r. Dislocation of the vertebrae, of the ribs, of the bones of the pelvis, of the clavicle, of the scapular extremity, of the humerus, of the elbow joint, of the wrist joint, of the carpus, thumb and fingers, of the patella, compound dislocations.
  • On fractures together with their treatment, ff.96v-110. Of the os nasi, lower jaw [mandible], the spine, sternum, ribs, pelvis, os femoris [femur], patella, fibula, clavicle, scapula, os humeri humerus], radius and ulna, carpus, and fingers.
  • Injuries of the head, ff.111-114v. Fractures of bones of the head, concussion, compression, and rules for operating.
  • Retention of urine [urinary retention], ff.114v-120r. Stricture of the urethra, inflammatory stricture, permanent stricture, common treatment, and operation for opening the bladder.
  • Diseases of the testicle, ff.120r-123. Scirrhous, fungus haematodes, and hydatids [echinococcosis] with treatments for all.
  • Psoas and lumbar abscess and diseases of the joints, ff.124-131. Treatment before opening the abscess, general treatment, synovia [synovial fluid], diseases of the joints internally, compound fractures, and anchylosis [ankylosis].
  • On the blood, ff.132-134.
  • ff.135-189 are blank.