Index to Private Operations & Surgical Lectures for Nurses

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      GB 133 MMM/13/10
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      1 volume, 125 folios

Scope and Content

Index to the preceding 9 volumes in which patients are classified according to disease and operation. Each page is headed by a condition and underneath are listed the names of the relevant patients alongside the date of treatment and in some instances the name of the operation performed.

The classifications used, and therefore the conditions treated, are as follows: skin & subcutaneous tissues; bones-injuries; abnormalities of bones; bones-inflammations; bones-tumours [neoplasms]; joints-injuries; joints-inflammations; deformities; arteries; veins; lymphatics; lymphatics-glands; alimentary canal-mouth, tongue & glands; tonsils & adenoids; abdomen-general conditions not classified elsewhere; stomach-gastrophosis & cardiospasm; stomach-perforated gastric ulcer; stomach-obstruction after GE; jejunal ulcer; stomach-chronic gastric ulcer; stomach-carcinoma; gastrostomy; gastrolysis; duodenal ulcer-gastroduodenostomy [gastroenterostomy, Billroth I Procedure]; duodenal ulcer-excision; gastroenterostomy for duodenal ulcer; duodenal tumour; intestines-perforation, injuries etc.; acute intestinal obstruction; chronic intestinal obstruction; strangulated inguinal, femoral or umbilical hernia; non-strangulated inguinal, femoral or umbilical hernia; ulcerative colitis; intestines-tumours-simple; faecal fistulae; appendix (too numerous to list); tumours of appendix; malignant intestinal tumours; liver; subphrenic abscess; cholecystostomy, choledochotomy; carcinoma of the gall bladder; spleen; acute pancreatitis; suprarenal tumours; chronic pancreatitis; carcinoma of the pancreas; simple goitres; exophthalmic goitres; chest surgery-empyema, pyopneumothorax, and abscess of lung; kidney-nephropexy; renal calculus; hydronephrosis & pyonephrosis; renal tuberculoses; malignant renal tumours; renal-unclassified; ureteral calculus; bladder-calculus; simple bladder tumours; malignant bladder tumours; simple enlargement of the prostate; malignant prostate tumours; stricture of the urethra; genital male-penis & scrotum; genital male-testicle & epididymis; genital male-hydrocele; genital male-variocele; non-malignant condition of the breast; malignant growth of the breast; genital female-ovaries; genital female-uterus; genital female-fallopian tubes; haemorrhoids; rectal fissure; non-malignant rectal tumours; rectum-malignant tumours-radical operation; colotomy.

Some of the most numerous conditions and operations include appendectomy, cholecystostomy, choledochotomy, malignant breast tumours, prostate enlargement, goitres, malignant intestinal tumours, hernias, and gastric ulcers.

Upside down in the rear of the volume on ff.75-125 are notes of 'surgical lectures to nurses' that Burgess gave. In the introduction he states the object of the course as to permit nurses to take an intelligent interest in their work, to know the reason why, instead of blindly obeying instructions. The notes look at the anatomy of and conditions affecting the skeletal system and circulatory system as well as wounds and method of healing.

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