Outlines of the Lectures of Surgery by Astley Cooper

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      GB 133 MMM/23/1/17
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      1 volume, 242 folios Both boards have come away

Scope and Content

Interleaved MSS of lectures given by Sir Astley Cooper, with printed outlines of each lecture interleaved with blanks folios for the student's handwritten notes. The printed title page reads 'Outlines of the Lectures on Surgery delivered by Sir Astley Cooper, Bart at St Thomas's and Guy's Hospitals. Printed for the use of the students. London: Printed by G. Woodfall, Angel Court, Skinner Street. 1821'. There are handwritten notes in the same hand throughout, but there is no evident information as to who these notes were creatd by. The printed notes are on the whole quite brief, with one folio per lecture printed recto and verso, which essentially provides a list of the topics and issues covered in that lecture. The printed pages have the original pagination pp.1-150 and cover 72 lectures in total.

The lectures cover the following topics: (-) introductory lecture, (1) on irritation, (2) on inflammation, (3) the treatment of inflammation, (4) on the adhesive inflammation, (5) on suppuration, (6) on ulceration & of abscesses, (7) on granulation & on cicatrization, (8) unhealthy state of ulcers, (9) sphacelus gangrene or mortification, carbuncle, boils, & erysipelas, (10) injuries of the brain, (11) compression of the brain, fractures of the skull, & fractures with depression of the skull, (12) wounds of the brain, inflammation and suppuration of the brain, injuries of the scalp, & injuries of the spine, (13) on aneurysm, (14) on the operation for aneurysm, (15) on hydrocele, (16) on the cure of hydrocele, hydrocele of the spermatic chord, & encysted hydrocele, (17) diseases of the testicle rendering its removal necessary, the scirrhous testicle, & the fungus diseases of the testis, (18) diseases of the testis cont., & the irritable testis, (19) on diseases of the breast, & the scirrhous breast [breast cancer, breast neoplasms], (20) diseases of the breast cont., the fungus disease, chronic enlargement of the breast, adipose tumour, irritable tumour of the breast, the lacteal tumour, & carcinoma in the nipple of man, (21) on lithotomy, (22) on the operation of lithotomy, & stone in the urethra, (23) calculi in the prostate gland, calculus in the female, & calculi in the submaxillary duct, (24) retention of urine & its treatment, (25) fistula in ano [rectal fistula], piles [haemorrhoids], prolapsus ani [rectal prolapse], polypi of the nose [nasal polyps], polypus uteri, polypus recti, & enlarged tonsil glands, (26) dropsy [oedema] of the abdomen, ovarian dropsy, & of empyema, (27) on harelip [cleft lip], cancer labii, tic douloureux [trigeminal neuralgia], aura epileptica, & fistula lachrymalis [lacrimal fistula], (28) on cataract, (29) depression of the cataract or couching, operation by solution, & removal of the eye, (30) on amputation, (31) on hernia, (32) irreducible hernia, & strangulated hernia, (33) account of the operation cont., large hernia, hernia in the inguinal canal, inguinal hernia in the female, hernia congenita or hernia tunicae vaginalis, & encysted hernia of the tunica vaginalis, (34) femoral hernia, & strangulated femoral hernia, (35) umbilical hernia, & ventral hernia, (36) on poisons, & of animal poisons, (37) on vegetable poisons, & chemical poisons, (38) on virulent gonorrhoea and the treatment of, (39) consequences of gonorrhoea, (40) on abscesses in the lacunae and fistula perinaeo, spasmodic stricture, acute inflammatory stricture, & irritable urethra, (41) enlarge prostate gland from acute or chronic inflammation, irritable bladder, mucous disease of the bladder, paralysis of the bladder, & effect of diseases of the urethra on the kidneys, (42) chordee, bleedings from the urethra, hernia humoralis, chronic inflammation of the testicle, wasting of the testis, & irritable testis, (43) sympathetic bubo, & on gleet, (44) gonorrhoea in the female, gleet in the female, & syphilis, (45) on chancres when irritated or in a very irritable constitution, (46) warts, the syphilitic bubo, & phagedenic bubo, (47) secondary symptoms of syphilis, diseases of the throat, & syphilitic eruptions, (48) syphilitic inflammation of the periosteum and bones, general inflammation of the periosteum, syphilitic ophthalmia, & general remarks on syphilis, (49) general remarks on syphilis cont., (50) scrofula [tuberculosis, lymph node] and its treatment, (51) scrofula cont. & diseases of the joints, (52) scrofulous diseases of the hip-joint, & vertebral disease, (53) psoas and lumbar abscesses, rickets, & enlarged testis, (54) on wounds, & lacerated wounds, (55) contused wounds, punctured wounds, chronic tetanus, & trismus, (56) wounds of arteries, (57) wounds of veins, wounds of the abdomen, wounds of the thorax, & wounds of the throat, (58) wounds of joints, wounds of tendons, sprains, & wounds of nerves, (59) inflammation in bones and the injuries to which they are subject, & on simple fracture, (60) fractures of the different bones, (61-62) fractures in and near to joints, simple fractures which do not unite, & fragility of bones, (63) suppuration in bone and compound fracture, & on compound fracture, (64) mortification in bone, on exostosis, scirrhous in bone, mollities ossium [osteomalacia], & warty ulcer from diseased bone, (65-68) on dislocations, (69) on gun-shot wounds, (70) burns and scalds, & tumours [neoplasms], (71) tumours cont., (72) carcinoma, fungoid tumour, & warty tumour.

Inscriptions on the inside cover indicate that the manuscript was acquired by the Manchester Medical Society in February 1881 and subsequently allocated the reference GO 5502 viz. their 1890 library catalogue.