Caesarean Tables

  • Reference
      GB 133 MMM/14/1/1
  • Dates of Creation
      n.d. [186-]
  • Physical Description
      14 items

Scope and Content

A series of tables created by Thomas Radford in which he records published cases of the caesarean section from across the UK and Ireland with details of each case and the source of his information. Each table records similar details for every case with the information broken down into 15 distinct columns as follows:

  • Date: The year and sometimes the month in which the case occurred
  • Name and Residence of the Patient
  • By Whom and Where the Case is Related: The name of the author and the publication in which the case was reported. Not all cases are taken from published sources, some are from manuscript lecture notes and some have been taken from notes sent directly to Radford by the physician or surgeon who performed the procedure.
  • The Operator: The doctor or surgeon who performed the procedure
  • Cause of the Difficulty: What is believed to have made a caesarean necessary as opposed to a natural labour
  • Duration of the Labour
  • State of the Patient: Often a quite descriptive report of the medical background of the patient and symptoms displayed during labour
  • Former Labours: The number of previous labours and whether these were miscarriages, natural, tedious, preternatural, or crotchet cases
  • State of the Os Uteri: Brief report of a physical examination of the cervix
  • Incision: Whether an incision was made on the left or the right side
  • Placenta: Further divided into two, whether anterior part or posterior part
  • Mother: Whether preserved or died
  • Child: Whether preserved or died
  • Time Mother Survived: In cases where the mother died, the length of time she survived after the labour
  • Untitled: Often quite detailed giving additional details of the case and on occasion reports of a post mortem

The tables were used by Radford for an obstetrical address and were later donated to the Radford Library, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester where they were assigned the reference number F 88 viz. their 1877 catalogue. A printed and more complete copy of these tables can be found in Radford's Observations on the Caesarean Section, Craniotomy, and on Other Obstetric Operations with cases, MMM/14/1/7.