Pharmacopoeia of the Royal College of Physicians of London

  • Reference
      GB 133 MMM/23/1/13
  • Dates of Creation
  • Name of Creator
  • Language of Material
      English  & Latin
  • Physical Description
      1 volume, 78 folios New binding using original boards

Scope and Content

The title page reads 'The Pharmacopoeia of the The Royal College of Physicians of London, MDCCCIX. James Wallwork, copyist'. Folios 2-5 are not paginated and contain the preface explaining the College's decision to produce a revised pharmacopoeia. The rest of the volume bears the original pagination pp.1-142 with the preparations and compounds covering pp.1-116, the Latin index pp.117-130, and the English index pp.131-142. Under the heading for each preparation or compound is given the measurements of different ingredients required and also detailed instruction on how to prepare them. At the end of the preparations on pp.115-116 can be found a table showing in what proportion opium and certain preparations of antimony, arsenic and mercury are contained in some compound medicines.

According to the English index the following preparations are described:

  • Acetate of (solution of ammonia, and solution of lead)
  • Acid (acetic, benzoic, citric, muriatic, nitric, diluted nitric, diluted sulphuric)
  • Aether (aromatic spirit of, compound spirit of, nitric spirit of, rectified, sulphuric, spirit of sulphuric)
  • Alcohol
  • Alum (dried, and compound solution of)
  • Ammonia (carbonate of, solution of)
  • Antimonial powder
  • Antimony (oxide [oxyd] of, precipitated, sulphuret of, tartarized, solution of tartarized)
  • Prepared oxide of arsenic and arsenical solution
  • Prepared calamine
  • Cataplasm (fermenting, and mustard)
  • Cerate (blistering fly, calamine, compound lead, of superacetate of lead, resin, savine, soap, spermaceti)
  • Prepared chalk
  • Confection (aromatic, of almonds, cassia, dog rose, orange, opium, red rose, rue, scammony, senna)
  • Ammoniated copper and solution of
  • Decoction of (compound of aloes, compound of barley, compound of mallow, compound of sarsaparilla, barley, cinchona, elm bark, liverwort, oak bark, poppy, quince seeds, sarsaparilla, senega, white hellebore, woody nightshade)
  • Extract of (aconite, aloes, belladonna, chamomile, cinchona, resinous cinchona, colocynth, compound colocynth, dandelion, elaterium, gentian, hemlock, henbane, hops, jalap, liquorice, opium, rhubarb, sarsaparilla, white poppy)
  • Gum-resins
  • Burnt hartshorn
  • Honey (clarified, of borax, and roses)
  • Infusion of (compound of gentian, compound of horseradish, compound of orange peel, calumba, cascarilla, catechu, chamomile, cinchona, cloves, cusparia, foxglove, linseed, quassia, rhubarb, roses, senna, simarouba, tobacco)
  • Iron (solution of alkaline, solution of ammoniated, ammoniated, carbonate of, tincture of muriate of, sulphate of, tartarized, wine of, solution of acetate of, superacetate of)
  • Prepared lard
  • Solution of lime
  • Liniment (camphor, compound camphor, mercurial, soap compound, of strong ammonia, carbonate of ammonia, verdigris, turpentine)
  • Magnesia and carbonate of
  • Mercury (grey oxide of, nitric oxide of, oxymuriate of, solution of oxymuriate of, purified, red oxide of, red sulphate of, submuriat of, with chalk, and white precipitated)
  • Mixture (compound of iron, of almonds, assafoetida, burnt hartshorn, camphor, chalk, guaiacum, gum ammoniae, and musk)
  • Mucilage of (acacia, and starch)
  • Oil (aethereal, castor, of allspice, almonds, amber, carraway, chamomile, juniper, lavender, origanum, pennyroyal, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, rectified turpentine, linseed, sulphurated)
  • Ointment (compound of elemi, elder, mild mercurial, strong mercurial, of nitrate of mercury, of nitric oxide of mercury, pitch, spermaceti, sulphur, compound sulphur, tar, white hellebore, and zinc)
  • Oxymel and oxymel of squill
  • Pills (aloes with myrrh, compoound aloes, gamboge, galbonum, squill, iron with myrrh, soap with opium, submuriat of mercury, mercurial)
  • Plaster (ammoniacum, ammoniacum with mercury, blistering fly, compound galbanum, compound pitch, cumin, lead, mercurial, opium, resin, soap, and wax)
  • Potash (acetate of, carbonate of, fused, with lime, solution of, subcarbonate of, solution of subcarbonate of, sulphat of, sulphuret of, supersulphate of, and tartrate of)
  • Powder (antimonical, and burnt hartshorn with opium)
  • Compound powder of (aloes, chalk, chalk with opium, cinnamon, contrayerva, ipecacuanha, kino, scammony, senna, and tragacanth)
  • Burnt sponge
  • Prepared suet
  • Sulphur (washed and precipitated)
  • Syrup of (buckthorn, ginger, lemon, marshmallow, mulberry, orange, poppy, red poppy, roses, saffron, senna, and tolu)
  • Compound tincture of (aloes, benzoin, camphor, cinnamon, cardamom, cinchona, gentian, and rhubarb)
  • Tincture of (aloes, assafoetida, black hellebore, blistering fly, calumbo, capsicum, cardamom, cascarilla, castor, catechu, cinchona, foxglove, guaiacum, ammoniated guaiacum, ginger, henbane, hops, jalap, kino, myrrh, opium, orange peel, rhubarb, senna, serpentary, squills, valerian, and ammoniated valerian)
  • Vinegar of (meadow saffron, and squill)
  • Water (allspice, caraway, cinnamon, dill, fennel, peppermint, pennyroyal, and rose spearmint)
  • Wine of (aloes, ipecacuanha, and opium)
  • Zinc (oxide [oxyd] of, and sulphate of)