Letters of Great Obstetrical Importance

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      GB 133 MMM/14/1/2
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      1 volume

Scope and Content

A collection of correspondence and reports relating to obstetrics and the practice of midwifery amassed by Dr Radford. There are 8 individual pieces in total and at least 6 of these are addressed directly to Radford by the authors. A note in the front penned by Radford explains the contents, which is summarized thus:

  • 1) Four letters from Mr [James] Garstang of Clitheroe respecting a pregnant woman suffering from an extreme degree of mollities ossium [osteomalacia] in whose case he had contemplated the caesarean section which was rendered unneccessary by the child presenting with a foot.
  • 2) Mr [Samuel H.] Wraith's letter as to his caesarean case etc. January 1843. A note has been added at the end of this letter by Radford which states that the pelvis belonging to the woman referred to in the letter was presented to him and is now in the case in the Radford Museum of St Mary's Hospital numbered in the catalogue 13. It is postmarked Blackburn.
  • 3) Another case in which the caesarean section was anticipated but in this case the pelvis bones yielded. Mr Rowntree of Oldham sent for me but I was in London & Mr [Joseph] Jordan with Dr [Edward] Stephens went. This does not take the form of a letter but is an account written up after the event by Stephens. A section of the page is cut away in illustration of the shape of the pelvis. May 1832.
  • 4) Mr Thomas Dorrington's cases in midwifery in which galvansim was applied. This is a printed extract that was read before the Manchester Medical Society on 4 February 1846.
  • 5) A case of caesarean section at the full period of utero-gestation on account of a large fibrous tumour occupying the pelvic cavity by Charles Waller M.D., obstetric physician to St Thomas's Hospital. This is also a printed extract and contains a sketch of the uterus with the tumour after it had been removed from the body during autopsy.

These letters once formed part of the Radford Library, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester, where they were allocated the reference F 87 viz. their 1877 library catalogue.