• Reference
      GB 133 TAI/1/21
  • Dates of Creation
      29 May 1901-30 May 1904
  • Physical Description
      7 items

Scope and Content

From Mary Bateson, (1865-1906), historian.

21/1 29 May 1901, refers to "Speculum" and its views on King's household [Tait's article "On the date and authorship of the 'speculum Regis Edward'" EHR XVI 1901]. Thanks for his interest in piece on"24 & 48"; does not think she will be producing a third volume of Records of the borough of Leicester. Includes a cutting of a review of Records of the borough of Leicester (Manchester Guardian 9 Aug 1899), probably by Tait, and cuttings from unidentified publication which refer to this study; and a holograph note which refers to the Leicester records. [total 5 pieces].

21/2 16 May 1904, asks to see his study of Manchester, if publication is likely to be delayed, as wants to see how he deals with the charter.

21/3 26 may 1904, refers to discussion having over dates in publication she is preparing; mentions "except Jews" clauses in charters, disagrees that a market grant could come long after burgherhood; burgesses' power to distrain foreigners for debt.

21/4 30 May 1904, discusses royal confirmations of borough creations.

21/5 n.d. re. the inquisition of office.

2/6 fragment ( 1 sheet) of letter from Bateson refers to case of William Hale, prior of Cartmel Abbey.

21/7 Holograph note of Tait, n.d., transcript in Latin made from Bateson's "The Laws of Bretuil," a series of articles in the EHR.

Related Material

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